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Carlson, the founder and editor-in-chief of The Daily Caller, and Vince Coglianese, the senior online editor, do not cite specific examples to back it up. And reached by phone this morning, Carlson suggested that he did not need to cite specific examples because the charges against the reporters were being made by staffers at MMFA, not by The Daily Caller.

That would be Tucker Carlson, responding to Politico’s follow-up concern that the series he started on Sunday is full of unnamed sources, especially regarding serious charges about the mental health and wild antics of MMFA’s CEO David Brock. All of the allegations against Brock are made by unnamed sources and the fact that Carlson isn’t willing to name names to another reporter so they can confirm these things raises even more suspicions.

Journalism’s about verification, and if someone isn’t willing to submit to it, chances are they have something to hide.

(one other note: The series brings up again and again how MMFA has “declared war” on Fox, and has singled out Fox. Tucker Carlson is a paid contributor to Fox. Conflict of interest much?)

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Fox gives Stewart a reason to exist, and he’s been obsessed with Roger Ailes ever since he went to O’Reilly’s studio and was summoned into Ailes’s office. He stayed an hour and came out a freaked-out admirer, like the crazy newscaster in Network once Ned Beatty got through with him. It wasn’t just that Ailes asked him, right off the bat, “How are your kids?” and then berated him for hating conservatives; it wasn’t even that both men are intensely concerned about what people think of them and have no qualms about trying to influence how they’re portrayed. It’s that Ailes is all about power and so has accepted the obligation that Stewart has proudly refused. You want to know the difference between the Left and the Right in America? The Right has Roger Ailes, and the Left has Jon Stewart; the Right has an evil genius, while the Left contents itself with a genius of perceived non-evil.
From Esquire's long profile of Jon Stewart. The whole thing sifts through the narratives built up around Stewart and criticizes him in a few places. It says that Stewart just doesn’t have the foil in Obama he had in Bush (true, but he’s still critical of Obama still makes funny of him and the Democrats). But that paragraph above is the biggest surprise for me. If you want to know what they’re talking about when they call Ailes an “evil genius” read the profiles of him done a few months ago by New York magazine and Rolling Stone.

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MSP Magazine does a Q&A with Heidi Collins, former anchor on CNN who replaced Robyn Robinson on FOX9 earlier this year.

When you were at CNN, what did you think of FOX?
I thought they were phenomenal and that they had incredible leadership. It’s really difficult to argue that they’re not a successful organization.

But as journalists? 
They don’t try to tell you that they are journalists. Their whole prime-time lineup is opinion television. The viewer knows that. And I think a lot of times at CNN we would say that we were on the straight and narrow when presenting all these sides, and that wasn’t the case all the time.

and the last question:

One of the directives from FOX New York is to have more combative interviews. 
Well, “combative” is probably not the word that we’re after. It would be “issues driven,” and issues aren’t issues without some sort of emotion attached to them. So that should be happening naturally. But “Scream TV” is not what we’re after.

Oh?  Then what’s this?

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Fox News Washington managing editor Bill Sammon sent an e-mail to staff last December offering guidance on how to handle the climate debate, three weeks after the Climategate scandal broke and in the midst of the Copenhagen climate summit.

“Given the controversy over the veracity of climate change data,” Sammon wrote, “we should refrain from asserting that the planet has warmed (or cooled) in any given period without IMMEDIATELY pointing out that such theories are based upon data that critics have called into question. It is not our place as journalists to assert such notions as facts, especially as this debate intensifies.”

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